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At Custom Metal Products, we are solution driven people. With transportation prices on the rise, especially this past year, we are offering solutions for our customers to reduce their freight costs. The trucking industry is forecasting another large hike in the first quarter of this year! Especially in times like these, when better pricing isn’t available, we looked into our own operations for cost efficiency and process improvements.

We brought together a team of professionals from the freight industry to do some smart planning. In 2016, our pool truck fleet grew significantly and this year we will be expanding again to better serve our customers.

We know you don’t just work with contractors in your own backyard….You work all over!


The benefits of pool trucking go well beyond dollar savings. Benefits include:

*Virtually NO Freight Damages

*Fewer Delays *Accurate Freight Quotes

*Increased Productivity

*Dependable Scheduled Delivery Dates

Next time you land that job…

call us for a quote!

No more negotiating prices!

No more breaking the bank just to get it to you!

We offer solid rates that you can count on to be the LOWEST and the BEST

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